Your Private Kite Lodge

Your Private Kite Lodge : The concept 

The Covid19 crisis is impacting our lives and is going to have an influence on the way we live, travel, consume...We decided that it was necessary to rethink our concept and offer something different and totally unique : A totally privatized lodge, a personalized service, a capacity reduced to 12 people maximum, all inclusive stays... : The SAKALAVA PRIVATE KITE LODGE

The concept is simple, you have to imagine that the lodge is a cruising catamaran. The price is fixed for one week whether you are 4, 6...up to 12 people maximum. We propose a weekly all inclusive formula in a totally privatized lodge. You want to rent the Sakalava lodge for one week, two weeks...the lodge will be for you / your friends / your family only. You can rent it for up to 12 people maximum, per week, from Saturday to Saturday.


The price includes:

All the bungalows by the sea (4 double, 2 family, 2 family XL)

The full board

The bar excluding alcoholic drinks (natural juice, coffee, coke, Sprite .... )

The airport transfer to and from Diego Suarez's Airport (Arachard)

The relaxing and therapeutic massages

The nanny / babysitter service

& Unlimited access to the Kite & SUP

Concretely, you can come to 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 people, take kitesurf lessons at will, equipment rental, massages every day ... everything is included in the price, you won't have to pay a euro extra.  At the team level we keep a team of 15 people including 3 IKO kitesurf instructors. The 5 hectares of park on the edge of the lagoon are EXCLUSIVELY reserved for you and your group. We offer you a tailor-made service, whether it be in terms of menus, timetables, the lodge belongs to you for the duration of your stay. You want to book a week? You want to put an option on a week? Join an option? Nothing could be simpler, just go to and fill in the form, we'll take care of the rest.


The price is 8000 E per week for up to 12 people. 



Your Private Kite Lodge: how to book


How to book is very simple. By consulting the "calendar", you can choose the week that suits you. There are 4 possibilities :

Red = The week has already been booked and is not available

Blue : The week is available and you can book it or put an option

Orange = The week is subject to an option to which you can add yourself

Green : The week is a "classic" week not privatized you can book a bungalow, a kite course...

Red : The week has already been booked by a group and is no longer available.

Orange : by clicking on the week you get all the information. How many people have pre-booked and how many people are wanted to privatize the lodge. For example "We are 6 and are looking for a minimum of 4 people".  If you want to join the group, just send a message with the # of the week and I'll make the link between the groups/families. No deposit will be asked and cancellation is free. Once the desired number of people has been reached, you turn the option into a definite "Reservation" by paying a deposit and the week will turn Red.  The option is valid at the latest 4 weeks before the date of the stay. If we receive a request for a firm reservation for the period where you have put an option, I will contact you and you have 24 hours either to transform your option into a reservation by paying a deposit or by cancelling it free of charge.

Blue: The week is free is open to reservations / options.

Green: the week is NOT privatized, you can book a classic stay (3 nights, 1 bungalow, 1 kite course) in a bungalow by the sea. This is the case for all weeks not booked in " Last minute " mode 30 days in advance.

It is important to note that you can RESERVE a week under OPTION. In this case, the person having put the option has 24 hours to transform his option into a reservation by paying a deposit, or by cancelling it free of charge. If the option is not transformed into a reservation within this period, your reservation will be effective and confirmed by the payment of a deposit. To consult the calendar of weeks:

By Greg Sakalava