50 €

Kite Trip

About once a week, we propose a fantastic day trip in the Emerald Sea. This spot is unique in the world. After half an hour car, and half an hour of navigation on board a fishing boat, you will discover a huge lagoon, with water, as its name indicates, emerald green, where a few fishermen, turtles and other rays will be your only sailing companions for an unforgettable downwind.

Emerald sea
4 to 12 people
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A memorable day of kitesurfing and windsurf!

Emerald sea and Suarez's island

Each trip is supervised by one or more instructors from the lodge. They will assist you, ensure your safety and are always happy to give a small demonstration of their skills in front of the Suarez islet.

Non-sailors can accompany us, enjoying the spectacle of windsurfers and kitesurfers slaloming and jumping around the boat. Great waves await you at the end of this downwind, while the fishermen take care of the lunch hunt! Grilled fish, coconut rice and fresh drinks eaten on the beach of a small desert Suarez Island, will help you get upwind for the return trip.

If this is not enough to get you back on your feet, you can always get a coconut oil massage. If you wish, and depending on our availability, we can organize a 2 day-1 night bivouac on this small island, to take full advantage of the multiple choices of navigation offered by this spot, and enjoy a sunset out of the ordinary!