50 €

Kite Trip

Once a week, we organise a day trip to the site. It is a unique place. After a 30 minutes ride and another 30 minutes sailing, you will discover a huge lagoon with emerald green waters. Your only companions will be fishermen, sea turtles, rays, etc…….for a unique downwind experience.

Emerald Sea
4- 20 peoples
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Un unforgettable kite and windsurf trip

Non kiters can join us, enjoying the spectacle offered by windsurfers and kiters who slalom and jump around the traditional sailing boat.

Beautiful waves await you while men fish for lunch! Grilled fish, coconut rice, and cold drinks taken on the "îlot Suarez" will give you energy for the return trip up wind. If this is not enough to get you going, you could try our massage given by the expert hand's of Yvette.

If you wish, and according to our availability, we can organize a bivouac of 2 days-1nuit on the "Îlot Suarez".

The Emerald sea and the Îlot Suarez