North Madagascar & Diego Suarez 

This region is a true paradise for nature's wide open space lovers. Diego Suarez is Madagascar 's fourth largest city (100 000 inhabitants). An ancient French military outpost, it has a ghostly atmosphere to it not unlike La Havana, CUBA.

It is the most cosmopolitan city in the country. The region around shows great diversity: the emerald sea, Ankanara, the amber mountain, the red stingys, Frenchmen's peak, are all to be discovered. We organise all trips/visits through our hotel.

Propose activities :

You can of course enjoy filao trees boarded white sand beaches. You can take a stroll along superb stretches of sand to the fishing village of Ramena (walk of the 3 bays, an absolute must see)Diego's local market is a curiosity high in colours and scents. You will discover local lifestyles and habits.

For motorised sensations, the tracks of northern Madagascar are excellent in quad or motorbike. We work with different agencies who propose forays using good condition vehicles. (Day or half-day)

For a deeper exploration of the region, 4x4 excursions can be organised to visit specific spots (Ankanara, amber mountain, etc……..)You will be accompanied by French speaking guides who will tell you more about the area.

By Greg Sakalava