Are you searching for a place to work and recharge?

The Sakalava Lodge is the perfect location for nomadic workers seeking peace, nature, and disconnection. We offer an idyllic environment for you to focus on your work while enjoying the beautiful views of the Sakalava Bay and the lagoon.

Our affordable 4G connection at only 20 euros for around 120 GB allows you to work efficiently and comfortably with high-quality video calls and the ability to upload files. Take advantage of this idyllic setting to maximize your productivity.

Our eco-friendly lodge, powered entirely by solar energy, offers seaside bungalows equipped with all the necessary comforts to work in peace. We have a stable and fast 4G internet connection to keep you connected with your colleagues and work.


Alternate between work and kite surfing or wing foiling

Enjoy our IKO kitesurfing and Wing foil center, the only One Launch Kiteboarding (OLK) center in Madagascar, with qualified IKO instructors to accompany you in your progress. The Sakalava Lodge is the ideal place for digital nomads who want to combine their professional life with moments of relaxation and disconnection in an idyllic setting, by the sea with a breathtaking view and stable internet connection. We are here to offer you a unique experience that you will remember long after your stay.

By Greg Sakalava