Experience the thrill of Wingfoil with our new all-inclusive packages! Our center is now equipped with the latest board models, ranging from 70 to 155 liters, paired with 12 wings, designed to adapt to all the varying conditions the sea and wind can offer. Whether you're a beginner or already advanced, our gear and experienced teaching team ensure a rich and secure experience.

Each instructor, boasting substantial expertise, is here to guide your first steps, refine your technique, and help you reach new heights of performance. Combine kitesurfing in the morning with Wingfoil in the afternoon, and fully embrace every moment of your all-inclusive stay with us. A comprehensive adventure awaits you, amidst the sky, sea, and waves!

We take pride in offering you the best in equipment with our 2023 range, designed to cater to the needs of every watersports enthusiast. Whether you're an eager novice venturing into the experience or a seasoned rider seeking enhanced performance, we have carefully selected cutting-edge equipment that blends innovation and quality.

For beginners, we have chosen intuitive, stable, and secure gear to facilitate your learning and ensure swift progress. For experienced riders, we provide top-of-the-line equipment, enabling you to push boundaries, optimize each move, and experience intense gliding sensations.


The beach of our lodge truly serves as the ideal setting to embark on your Wingfoil journey. With its gentle breeze and calm waters, it offers the perfect backdrop for a serene and secure introduction. Natural conditions create an environment conducive to learning, ensuring a seamless and confident progression.

During the initial lessons, our instructors focus on wing control and handling, ensuring fundamental mastery before moving on to the next stage. Once these basics are acquired, learning continues with stand-up paddleboarding, allowing you to become accustomed to gliding and balancing on the water. Finally, once these skills are solidified, the eagerly anticipated moment arrives to venture with the foil, providing new sensations and the opportunity to rise above the water.

Each step is thoughtfully designed to empower beginners with confidence and skill, all while fully enjoying this unique experience in the heart of a paradisiacal setting.

By Sedar Senghor