Our school is the reference in Madagascar (IKO CENTER #205678). First kiteboarding school in Madagascar, we have been teaching in Sakalava Bay since 2005 according to the standards of the International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO), which are a guarantee of quality recognized worldwide. Our team teaches in French, English and Malagasy. All our instructors are IKO certified and have more than 7000 hours of kite courses.  Each instructors have a IKO liability professional  insurance.

We are the only recognized school belonging to the One launch Kiteboarding (OLK) network in Madagascar. This network selects the best French-speaking kite schools in the world, based on precise criteria that only Sakalava lodge is able to meet.

Different formulas are available, according to your desires, to learn at your own pace and in complete safety.  Our kite courses are individual lessons from the first lesson to the last, in order to guarantee a quality of teaching and a more personal follow-up.

We teach with material of the year and use the Lithium Progression & One 2020/2022 range from Airush, perfectly adapted to beginners. We are the only "Pro Kite School" in Madagascar and work with kites, boards, harnesses, vests...from 2020/2022. We have 60 kites from 3 to 14 M, 20 twin tip boards, 10 surf and a board foil for rent. 

We are also offering this year 2022, Wingfoil lessons, included in our "All included package". 

In addition to introductory courses, we offer personalized coaching to help you take a step or learn a new discipline. You want to learn how to jump, master the back loop, get into kite loop, discover wave riding or foil, equipped with the BtoBtalking communication system, our instructors will help you reach your goals in complete safety. You can also opt for one of our coaching weeks with the best riders in the world such as Youri Zoon 2X world champion in September, Aurélien Pétreau a world reference in big Air in May....

The team is made up of 4 senior kitesurf instructors, and an IKO instructor. This allows us to offer a personalized teaching, with formulas in private lessons. Since its creation in 2005, the kitesurf school has trained more than 2500 students in Sakalava in complete safety. Our instructors, are REAL experienced instructors, with a pedagogy and years of teaching to their credit. Discover our team and come to learn or progress with the best Kite Team of Madagascar. https://www.sakalava.com/the-kite-team/?lang=en


Whatever the conditions, whatever your size, we have the right material for optimal learning in complete safety.

For the autonomous riders we have free storage, our instructors ensure the takeoff and landing on the private beach of the lodge, you can rinse your equipment before your departure.

Our IKO affiliated Kite center

Our Kite school is an affiliated kite center #205678

Taking a kitesurfing course at our school will give you the opportunity to obtain a free IKO certification recognized worldwide.

Very simple to use mobile application will make it very easy for you to prove your Kite level wherever you go.

It will allow you to have access easily for Kite gear rental in all the kite schools in the world. Many kitesurf centers refuse to rent kites if you can’t certify your level and force you to take an hour of lessons to evaluate yourself.

If you wish to continue kite lessons in another school, your next instructor will know exactly your learning path thanks to the application and will be able to pick up where you left off.

Whatever the conditions, whatever your size, we have the right material for optimal learning in complete safety.e

By Greg Sakalava