With 5 hectares of land in front of the Sakalava lagoon, a kite center, a windsurf center, the SUP in the mangroves, the pitch and play of golf, a beach soccer & tennis court, kilometers of beaches, quad, motorbike .. ..the Sakalava lodge is a perfect place to receive groups of kiters.

We can help you put together tailor-made offers for kite trips that perfectly match your expectations.

Group tickets
All inclusive
formulas Kite & discovery packages
Coaching formulas

We have a team of 10 cooks, waitresses, bartenders exclusively dedicated to lodge guests. This allows us to set up theme nights and concentrate exclusively

Pig lacquered
Pizzas over a wood fire
Buffet of the sea
Fresh lobster and mangrove oysters
Private concert
Fire camp barbecue

For years we have hosted dozens of groups of kiters from 6 to 35 people for unforgettable stays.

By Greg Sakalava News