1 Week coaching = 690 €

Coaching Big Air

Become a completely independent kitesurfer, or want to switch to 2nd gear in kitesurfing? High jump, backloop, kiteloop, … it’s just for everyone! To be well accompanied, to have the good advices, in reassuring conditions … the ideal recipe:

Madagascar at Sakalava Lodge, partner center One Launch Kiteboarding When? May 16 to 23 or May 23 to 30, 2020

A coaching in 2 formulas pleasure & conviviality: • autonomy & progression with Marion Abg (required level: make your first board) • big air with Aurélien Pétreau 4th at the 2019 KOTA (required level: going upwind) Small groups of 4 to 6 riders, 2 daily sessions, video debriefing, and accompaniment with Bbtalkin helmet to communicate live!

The little extras: – Learn to kite (theory, body drag, waterstart, first edges) or equipment rental with the Sakalava Lodge kite center, IKO English Speaking instructors – Shallow lagoon or waves, it’s up to you … 

Hardware test Duotone Kiteboarding International Coaching: 690 € / pers (contact: coaching.a.m@gmail.com or via FB & IG Aurélien Pétreau & Marion Abg) Flight, transfer, accommodation and meals at Sakalava Lodge, from 1500 € / pers, book with Havas Voyages Auray (02 97 50 89 85) More info on the magic spot, beginner kitesurfing classes … www.sakalava.com or sakalava1@gmail.com

coaching Big Air
coaching progression "Marie Abg"
kite courses IKO instructors
10 people max
daily video analysis
Bbtalkin communication system
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