Our philosophy

It is now possible to find accommodation in Sakalava or nearby for all budgets and allowing everyone to suit his needs. It is important to know what you are looking for before choosing. As for a plane ticket some will opt for the business class, while others are looking for charter flights. The Sakalava Lodge is the first kitesurf ecolodge of Madagascar, located in Sakalava Bay for 20 years, we offer unique services in the region. We discovered the spot, chose the best location and built a team we have been working with for 20 years. Our concept is the "ROOTS / EXCLUSIVE". We are addressing a demanding clientele, eager to spend an authentic stay, without being willing to make concessions on comfort, service and location. Direct access by car or motorbike, 5 hectares completely sheltered from the wind facing the spot, 5 fresh water wells, 6KVA solar power plant, hot water, electricity 220V 24/24, Wifi, private bathroom, bungalows by the sea of 35M2, A team of 25 full-time people, A restaurant exclusively dedicated to lodge guests, Only Kitesurf center OLK (One Launch Kiteboarding) of Madagascar. 5 full-time instructors, 50 kite 2018/2019, private , A pitch and play golf, A windsurfing center and SUP, A family and friendly atmosphere, If taking a 4X4 every day to to the spot, if washing with salty water, if facing the wind on a spot where Varatraz blows day and night, if walking 1KM on the beach to go to your hotel, If having no electricity in your room, if sharing your bathroom, .... are not a problem for you, then do not choose the Sakalava lodge, there are a lot of cheaper structures in the area. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a kite trip in optimal conditions, without having to compromise on comfort and location the Sakalava Lodge is for you.
Established almost 20 years, we arrived when Sakalava Bay was still deserted. We have obviously chosen the best location, facing the lagoon, sheltered from the wind, planted hundreds of trees and flowers and have a park of 5 hectares unique in Sakalava Bay. Our three sweet water wells let you shower without feeling you are washing with sea water and you can eat without sand on your plates. We have direct access by car and motorcycle which is very important. We are 35 minutes from downtown by taxi, so you can go shopping in Diego or have a meal or party in town.
Our lodge is perfectly integrated, we have not damaged the dunes, we have not cut filao trees, we have not damaged our environment and kept intact Sakalava bay for more than 20 years. We have a solar power station, 3 sweet water wells, solar submersible pumps, solar water heaters. Our bungalows are in plant materials of the region: stone, pebbles, wood, bobaoh, moucouty, driftwood ...
We discovered the spot in 1999, created the first windsurfing center in 2000 and the first kite center in 2005. We allowed the kids from the village to come and learn windsurfing and kite with us after school and during the holidays. Almost all the real instructors working in the region today learned at the Sakalava lodge - Remi, Arlin, Eugene, Derik, Felix, Jean ....
Thanks to its location totally sheltered from the wind, it's privative beach, its park of 5 hectares with trees and flowers, its lemurs, the SUP trips in the mangroves, we have welcomed over the years more and more families with adolescents and/or young children. Several serious and caring young women will take care of your children during your kite or windsurf sessions.
Greg the owner of the lodge is above all a fan of windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP. The lodge is born of a passion in a spirit "Surf camp". If the comfort was at first very rudimentary and the rustic benefits, the atmosphere, the conviviality, the exchanges, the common navigations .... were always the engine of the lodge. What we propose is to share our way of life, our passions, the time of your stay. We do not try to make "volume", we only have 15 bungalows, do not work with agencies or TO, we want to keep a structure on a human scale and our customers often over the years become true friends.
We have our own restaurant, produce our energy, our bread, we have our kitesurfing center, our windsurfing center and SUP. We only focus on lodge guests and reserve for them all our services. We do not do catering, no equipment rental, no kitesurfing course .... for external customers.
In 20 years of developing windsurfing and kitesurfing, we have helped transform the local economy and provide opportunities for young people from the village. Kite has become a fantastic social elevator, and local youth have taken advantage of it to improve their lives and those of their families. Mom and Mom Fab, our maids, have been working at the lodge since the 1st day, Arlin will start his tenth year as a kite instructor after arriving at the lodge as a cook help, Rémi a kid from the village has been teaching kite with us for 8 years and has won all the kite competitions organized in Madagascar, Soualy began as a cook in 2000 just like Marcellin the person in charge of the maintenance. Our customers come year after year and find the same familiar faces, we respect our employees, all are registered and benefit from social security. We are not trying to present ourselves as the saviors of Madagascar or the heroes who came to save the country.
By Greg Sakalava