Useful information

Usefull informations 

Don't listen to your friends, traveling to Madagascar has become relatively simple. The most challenging remains to find cheap tickets. From France, you will have little choice : Air Madagascar, Air France, Turkish Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines.  It is also possible to travel from South Africa, Kenya, Réunion Island and Mayotte both with Air Austral. 


Be careful if you decide to travel with your own equipment, you may have bad surprises regarding excess baggage (> 30 kg). For information, a kilo of excess baggage on Air Madagascar costs more than 17 euros.

Inquire before departure, it is really more careful. However, Air Madagascar, offers discounts on domestic if you travel with them for the flight Paris-Tana. This is useful if you intend to take at least two internal flights during your stay. 


Not require a visa for stays of less than three months. The visa is on arrival at the airport in Tana and it does not take longer than going through customs with a visa. Stays less than 30 days are free.

In this case, we advise you to obtain a visa at the Embassy of Madagascar in Paris before your departure (4, av Raphaël -. 75016 Paris - 01 45 04 62 11).


Not need specific vaccines for Madagascar. It is however recommended to be updated to conventional vaccines. Antimalarial treatment, however, is highly recommended, if not essential.

Diego region is much less exposed to malaria as the east coast of the island. Treatment Savarine type is ample. Be careful not to get too heavy prescribe a treatment (that is relatively common), you could suffer once there. The trouble to carry suitcases of medicines, you will find there all conventional medications. Assistance repatriation insurance is recommended, however, especially since it is usually given by agencies or airlines cheap.


There are several international banks Diego (Société Générale, BNP, Crédit Lyonnais, ...), you will not struggle to change Euros into Ariary.

It is against more difficult to withdraw money with a credit card. Beware the Master Card network covers badly Madagascar, no problem with VISA. Very few places take credit cards as payment. There are vending machines in all cities. The best way is to start with banknotes (Euro) and change once there. Checkbook can be very useful also.


The Sakalava Lodge is 18 km from Diego Suarez, it takes 35 minutes by car to get to the city center and about 45 minutes to the airport. You will have no problem finding a taxi, day or night, to go to town.

The phone / 3G network operates at the lodge, we produce 220 V, the electrical outlets are the same as those you find in Europe.

All excursions are accessible from the Lodge, we have negotiated rates with our partners, no extra charge will be asked to go to the Amber Mountain, Red Tsingy, Ankarana ....

We only work with fresh produce and only sell half board or full board stays. You can eat lunch at Sakalava Bay in a beach restaurant or at night in the city in one of the many restaurants in Diego.

Diego Suarez is in no way a dangerous city. However, it is strongly discouraged to walk alone at night in the streets (with the exception of the main street).

By Sakalava Lodge